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Updated: May 1, 2022

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got".

- Henry Ford

Sometimes we have to break free from our cosy and familiar cocoons in order to grow and flourish.

It may seem like a scary prospect, leaping out into the unknown, treading on new ground, but if we don't seek we don't find. Who knows what we might be missing?

Taking the first flight is daunting, but, with practice, we can learn how to 'fly' in our new reality - opening up our horizons.

"Metamorphosis" - Joolz Webb

This year brings many big changes for me, which I trust will be all for the better. It has/will involve a lot of hard work and some uncertainty, particularly regarding my home and lifestyle. However, I was somewhat pre-warned that these changes were a-comin'! The cards told me, the wind told me, my gut told me, and I had probably 'invited' it too. It began over a year ago, when I began to feel that it might be time to move on, to the next stage, despite the security of my cosy cocoon. It is challenging, yet exciting, a new adventure. I must trust the Gods (and my own belief in the power of manifestation), because they have always done right by me in the past. Good, amazing things are waiting around the corner.

Do I believe that I deserve it? Unquestionably! There is no point whatsoever in practising manifestation magic if you do not truly believe that you deserve to be successful.

My creative/work life is already reaping the benefits (in my opinion). I have allowed myself to fly free of the confines of producing safe, "nice" artwork.

I am on a new artistic journey, one that fires my spirit - adjusting my perspectives, noticing and following the signs and messages. I seek to produce evocative, powerful and mystical art, using whatever tools, tricks or technology I can summon - "creativity is magic".

"Nice" ranks highly among my least favourite words, dull, safe - I much prefer "Wow!"

"Macbeth" - Joolz Webb

New paths are rising up to meet me - so I'll grab my knapsack and step forth. I do believe I see a bright, golden light at the end of this tunnel! May you find your own light too. x

"I would bring you a slice of the Moon, drizzled in the rays of the Sun"

- Joolz Webb

If you like my artwork you can now buy prints from my Redbubble site - hit the "Print Shop Gallery" link under 'More' on the top menu.

or follow this link

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