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Magic Every Day

Gifts from Nature

The last couple of weeks have been quite magical in a number of ways, with an abundance of beautiful memories to hold in store. Nothing 'dramatic' has happened, no major events, just very pleasurable moments, smiling moments, grateful moments.

The warmer weather makes life much easier at the Wagon-by-the-Woods, with outdoor cooking on the fire and al fresco dining. Wonderful to be able to sit in the dappled sunshine, beneath my Silver Birch tree, working on a current craft-project, sketching or writing..... or sometimes..... just sitting.

I must have spent hundreds of hours just sitting, observing, absorbing the sights and sounds of Nature all around me. So much beauty, so much teaching and so easy to forget to spend time just being part of it.

The simplest moments provide the sweetest memories for me; the twinkling light and gurgling of a babbling brook; the sound of a soft breeze blowing through the trees; the smell of the many blooms of Spring and their myriad colours; the taste of the fresh green leaves that I forage in the woods and hedgerows.

....And then there are the extra-special moments - the truly magical moments.

That moment when a perfect female Roe deer passed by the wagon, stopping to look my way, our eyes meeting for a few short moments before she walked away.

The fact that my little friend, the Robin, feels trusting enough to take food from my hand - sitting there for a while, looking up at me with his black glassy eye.

Then, as the dusk-hour comes in, the geese fly back to the pond, the sunset on the horizon blends from ruby to gold to palest green, turquoise and deepest blue. When the crescent Moon hangs in the sky and the stars dance around her. When the night wind blows in and cools the air. When the silhouette of the fox appears on the hillside, with the velvet sky of a Summer night as a backdrop. When the owls hoot and squeak and small things scurry amongst the leaves. These are the moments I will treasure forever.

I am sometimes overwhelmed with gratitude for the ability to be present in this space, in this minute or hour or day. My magical "batteries" seem to recharge - my creativity increases - the urge to "do stuff" drives my day.

This week I have made a new broom for sweeping my steps (I found some cut broom-plant on a fire pile, which I promptly rescued, pic above). I have created two new fairy figures, costume, hair and colouring to follow. I sorted through all my herbs and jars, in preparation for some of the fresh crops that are now drying, and planted seeds in my salad pots.

I also recently began writing a short 'guide' to Art Magick, which I hope to publish in some form within the coming months, so I have been working on that and illustrations.

I feel driven! Good energy is in the air. The long days provide plenty of hours to play, to wander, to work and create, to dream. The glowing fire outside warms my spirit in the early evening, candles flicker in their lanterns. I sit on the wagon steps with a mug of something warm and tasty, my little dog rests her head on my lap as she lies beneath a blanket and.... for those moments... all is well.

It may be the case that, elsewhere in my world, business is slow, therefore earnings are low. It may be that some boring chores need to be done, tedious admin, unpleasant tasks. It may be that I don't always feel tip top and tickety-boo! I may have aches and pains occasionally, or feel a bit low. But, if I fully absorb those magical moments, as previously mentioned, when I am smiling and feeling wealthy of spirit - they can override all the other stuff, for a good while.

That is why I say that there is magic to be found in every day, which brings great healing and heightened appreciation. Perhaps, tomorrow, I will find a beautiful owl feather, a new plant I didn't know about before, a special stone, or a discover a new magical place. Perhaps I will learn a new thing or meet a new friend. Who knows. All I know is you've got to get out there and find it, it's always there, the magic, it's all around - whispering and waiting.

So I wish you a blessed month of June, as we head towards the Summer Solstice.

May your basket be filled with abundance, may your magic grow with the light of Midsummer Sun, May you be joyful and thankful for all that you have and all that you shall have.

"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well"

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