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A Witch's Crafts

Updated: May 1, 2022

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have".

- Maya Angelou

It is my belief that, when we flex the muscles of our imagination, we broaden our horizons. A well-nourished imagination can transport us, via meditation or day-dreaming, from a boring or anxious situation to ..... where ever we want to go! A creative mind is the seat of magic and possibilities, enabling us to effectively visualise our dreams, the key element to successful manifestation magic. In my experience, the creative arts can be a golden gateway to a healthy imagination for both artist and viewer alike.

Art and creativity satisfies my soul, offers me escape and has been my saviour in difficult times.

The more we use our imagination creatively, the further it expands, which can go on to positively affect us in many ways.

I also believe that the principles and methods applied to arts and crafts can be applied to many other areas of life; planning, structure, development, technique etc. The architect and designer knows that a solid foundation is essential if a stable structure is to be achieved, so it is with many situations we find ourselves in.

There are many benefits; an extra bonus is that we can save ourselves money by creating our own things, or repurposing old ones.

A hand-crafted item holds far more energy, love and significance than a mass-produced item.

Art can help us to see the world around us at a different level, giving us a deeper appreciation of it.

I find it almost impossible to restrict myself to one form of artistic medium, like painting, sculpture or music for instance. I am far too inquisitive and ever-keen to learn new skills. Each skill developed in one practice improves technique and knowledge in another. Though I would advocate spending time practising each new craft, developing at least a basic understanding of it's techniques, before jumping to a new field.

It doesn't have to be complicated. The creative world is your oyster! Here are some suggestions:

  1. Decorate your private journals or notebooks with images and designs that appeal and make it special to you.

  2. Whittle a stick, or play with some modelling clay.

  3. Paint or doodle a small picture.

  4. Write a short poem or story.

  5. Read a fictional or fantasy book, watch a film or play.

  6. Play or listen to music. If you are musical, work on a new piece of music.

  7. Dance or sing - join a group if you're drawn to it.

  8. Spend time in nature and really study all it's forms and elements.

  9. Practice meditation and manifestation techniques. Practice your Witch Craft.

  10. Learn a new craft - YouTube is abundant with creative tutorials!

Creative pursuits can free your mind from the mundanity of the every-day, open it up to new possibilities, there are so many avenues to explore.

So I urge you to exercise your Imagination regularly. Take it out for a walk, let it really SEE the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

Give it treats occasionally, tell it something new. Make use of your creative abilities, satisfy your artistic urges, wonder about things.

Feed your imagination like you feed your body.

Then let it run wild whenever and wherever you can.

Many blessings to you all,

from the Wagon-by-the-Woods.

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