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Living a Magical Life

Updated: May 1, 2022

It's been a while since I last wrote, so I pondered over what the subject of this blog should be. I decided to respond to the question...

What does it mean to "live a magical life"?

For me it means many things and has certainly improved my life experience, so here I share some of the ways I have learned to bring magic into each day.

The number 7 is very significant to me, my life seems to revolve around cycles of 7, so here are my 7 tips for incorporating more magic into your life...

1. Add magic to the mundane ~ that is to add magical intent to simple tasks.

From stirring good vibes and wishes into your morning coffee or cooking, to sweeping and cleaning away negative energy from the home or workplace ~ everyday chores can become far more enjoyable and meaningful. You may care to create a short spell or rhyme of intention, or sing a song while you work at your task.

Turn your 'cleaning' chores into 'cleansing' routines to refresh the energy in your space. Turn your daily 'dog walk' or commute into an opportunity to study nature, go on a mini-adventure or look out for signs and symbols that may have something to tell you.

For me, the tarot card 2 of Coins/Pentacles/Disks sums up the balancing act between the magical and the mundane - some juggling may be necessary, but we can become proficient with practice. There is always a place for magic.

2. Gratitude and awareness ~ Be grateful for all that is good in your life; for the lessons you have learned, for the natural world that sustains us, or just for the chance of experiencing another day. Start your day with gratitude and thanks (pray to your chosen deities if you use them) *Take a few moments for this each day, to sit quietly, ideally with a peaceful smile on your face, and just say "thank you".

Be aware of your surroundings and senses, learn to appreciate nature, look for and heed the signs that are always present. Sit in the beauty of the natural world whenever possible, seek out magical places, appreciate the special moments and the little things. Try not to complain about anything for a week! (you'll be surprised at how difficult this might be). Strive to turn negative experiences into positive lessons.

3. Never stop learning, there are always new discoveries to be made. Take time to study and grow your knowledge of the magical practices you are drawn to. Don't rush or try to do too much at once, absorb your new-found knowledge, then see how you may be able to incorporate elements of it into your everyday life. Try to do a little study each day, or every other day if you are very busy. You don't have to spend hours at a time doing this , it should be enjoyable and relaxing. Utilise tea-breaks and quiet times to sneak in a bit of study.

For example, if you are interested in herbal/green magic, study just one plant at a time, giving yourself chance to absorb the information more effectively. Note their uses, healing properties, metaphysical attributes etc.

You may wish to create your own herbal Grimoire or note book.

4. Have faith and belief, primarily in yourself and in your abilities.

The success rate of any spell or magical working relies almost entirely on the strength of your faith and in your belief that your efforts will indeed yield results! Expect good things to happen, believe in it. Have patience, you may not get instant results (although sometimes things can start to happen very quickly).

Reconnect to your child-self, to the magic you believed in then, before you were taught that it's all "just silly nonsense!" ~ it really isn't. Challenge old conditioning and be open to alternative realities.

5. Should you decide to work with magic you may find it very useful to keep a journal about your workings, a 'Book of Shadows' if you like. You can include such information as: What was your intention. What did you do or say. What tools, ingredients and methods did you use. Where were you at the time, what was the environment, what was the weather like, what phase was the moon in. What worked and what didn't. And of course, what was the final outcome?

Keeping a journal/diary/BoS can help us to see how we are developing and growing with our craft, to note how our magic is beginning to work for us and serve as a 'Recipe Book' for future reference. It can also serve to highlight patterns, be they negative or positive, that recur in your life. Make your notebook special to you, decorate it, imbue it with your own energy.....and try to keep it private if possible.

6. *The word Ritual can be quite loaded - but in this instance I use it to refer to a regular practice ~ a "daily ritual", a good habit to get into. It can last for a few seconds or several minutes, it's up to you. As I previously mentioned (point 2*), it can be as easy as taking a few moments to say a 'prayer' of thanks, perhaps while drinking your chosen morning brew, or throwing open a door or window and taking a deep, refreshing breath. You could decide to start each day with a stretch (or a greeting to the Sun) and a smile, being aware of your breathing, grounding yourself, enjoying a moment of stillness before your day begins. You may choose to include some simple exercises to waken your mind and body and warm it up in preparation for the day ahead. Whatever you choose to do, keep it simple, maintain a peaceful bubble around yourself, push away all negative thoughts, just for those few minutes.

Make your daily practice special and specific to you. Starting your day with positive intentions can really help to achieve balance and stability. Deciding to make a fresh start of each day, regardless of the events of yesterday, can be highly beneficial to our mindset and improve the way we choose to deal with any issues that arise.

7. Try to end each day the way it began, with a peaceful and quiet moment. Relax and pay attention to the steadiness of your breathing. Reflect or meditate for a while. Absorb any new knowledge you have gained.

Don't be shy to congratulate yourself for any job well done, no matter how small it may seem. Don't beat yourself up about what you may see as a 'failure' on your part. To quote Maya Angelou, “I did then what I knew best, when I knew better, I did better.”

Rest your mind in the knowledge that you are now opening yourself to accepting magic and new possibilities into your life. Believe it will come to you and that, in time, you will experience a marked improvement to your situation as you go forward.

So much more could be said on this subject, but I will finish with a note about "meaningful coincidence".

When you set out on your magical path you may begin to notice "strange" coincidences, signs and synchronicities. I believe these to be messages which tell us that we are on the right track, 'guides' perhaps. The more receptive to magic we become, the more accepting we are, the more signs we receive. When we cease to think of these coincidences as being 'strange' and instead welcome them, expect them and learn from their messages......then we know we are living a Magical Life.

Magic is a tool to be enjoyed and used to improve our lives, it should never be forced. Practice it as often as you can, comfortably and at your own pace.

I hope these suggestions may prove helpful to some of you. I welcome your comments, thoughts and message

I wish you every success in your future Magical endeavours!

Many blessings to you. x

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