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Beltane Blessings and Simple Celebrations

Warmest wishes to you for the Beltane festival. May the fires burn bright in your spirit.

What do you do to celebrate the Beltane/May Day festival?

Aside from being an excuse for feasting, quaffing and revelling, the Sabbats can help to focus our minds and remind us of the pace of the Wheel of the Year. We might meditate on the meaning of the festival, in this case Beltane - return of the Sun, a time of growth and light, a time to nurture the seeds we have planted.

I like to use the Festivals as opportunities to take time out, to relax, reflect and review. I try to set myself new goals and fix intentions, plan ahead, mark out the next steps on my path. One of my goals is to attempt to produce at least one blog post a week, starting from this day hence, so... let's see how that goes! Let me know if there is any topic you would particularly like me to cover.

My celebrations have been quite low-key affairs for the past few years, for one reason or another, but I have always managed to honour the Sabbats in some way. A simple celebration can be as enjoyable as a big party. In the past I may have gone to a Beltane festival or joined a small gathering of friends around a fire but, while I am sure those opportunities will arise again, I can be equally content to celebrate with my partner or even alone (+ my dog) - because I have a trick:

I am quite partial to, what I like to call, a "Party for One". I advocate this practice for everyone! You can play whatever music you like, eat whatever you fancy, dance how you please, do what ever you choose to do, celebrate the moment, the festival and, most importantly, celebrate yourself and the moment. Sure, if a few friends turn up, so much the better, but you can still enjoy yourself either way. Prepare for it, get some nice food, your liquid refreshment of choice, treat yourself. Maybe decorate your space with a few seasonal pieces, some candles or lights, set the scene. Don't over stress and get fussy, just go with it, in good spirits, relax and enjoy the process. Make it special, a bit "different to normal". I highly recommend it! If you prefer some company, but can't get together with friends, suggest a Zoom, Skype or FB party, where you all have a "party for one" but hook up with each other over the waves. You can pull out a bag of fun wherever you are! The only plans you need to make are to plan on having a good time.

Whatever you choose to do, I wish you a most pleasurable experience as we welcome in the May, the warmth of the Sun and the return of the light of Summer.

"The Wicker Man stands tall and strong

upon his woven frame,

Yet he'll be licked afore too long

by the tongues of the Beltane flame.

Dancers they will merry make

around the old May Poles,

And lovers may their vows to take

while leaping o'er the coals.

Then, if old Bel it pleases well

to see such revelling,

So may he then the dark dispel

And bring the Summer in!"

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