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Reading the signs

Updated: May 1, 2022

In this time of winter, retreat and renewal I often find myself going deeper into the divining and scrying arts - seeking answers and guidance. Be it with the cards or runes, the ball or mirror, the water or the fire - they always respond to the call. I must be in the right mind-space to get the most reliable answer, a wandering mind will never find the way.

Recently I asked the cards for guidance on a troubling situation that had surprised and upset me. I used a favourite pack (The Wildwood Tarot) and on three different occasions I drew the Blasted Oak. (This is a blend of the traditional Tower and Hanged Man cards.) A natural ending and rising from the ashes. A very appropriate card in this case, a lesson to accept loss, of trust or relationships.

I also asked for guidance regarding my work, I drew the Eight of Stones (traditional equivalent: discs, pentacles, coins). The craftsman, putting ones skills to good use, practical and creative work, reward comes from effort. It is also a reminder to focus on the task ahead. Good news for me, as an artist and craftswoman.

In response to my request for guidance on my life path I drew the Ancestor. This made me very happy indeed! The path seeker, the call from the wilderness, connection with the ancient ones. My hearts desire, to become even more connected with the natural world with each passing day, until I return to the earth for the next journey.

I sometimes draw just one card from a pack, as a guidance for the day, sometimes a bigger spread depending on the depth of enquiry.

I might cast the runes for a divination, or read the signs in nature, water or fire for very specific queries, taking note of the various images and forms that may appear, reaching my conclusions after some consideration.

I may use the crystal ball, which takes a great deal of focus and practice and is not easily achieved. The space and the mindset must be completely clear and free of distraction. The intention must be very focused, as always. It will not always work, it will not always be the right time, place or question.

For any shadow work, which I find to be necessary from time to time, I most frequently choose the black mirror. As with other forms of divination it takes practice and focus. The 'focus' element is particularly necessary with shadow work, when the images begin to come through, for they may shock or surprise, causing one to lose focus on the task at hand. I only use this method when I feel I am in a strong but balanced mind space, to achieve the best results - and to be prepared for what the mirror shows me.

I may also use the mirror to reflect bad energy back to its source, I have found this most effective, especially when combined with other practices. I much prefer a 'return to sender' style method of dealing with problems than cursing and hexing, which require very fine judgement and consideration of possible consequences.

So, for now, I accept the guidance I have received and look forward to the next step on the path.

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